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    Medicare rebate update

    We're celebrating a huge win for the macular disease community, as the major political parties reject a 69 per cent rebate cut for sight-saving eye injections.

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    Image shows city lights at night

    Night vision and AMD

    Researcher Chi Luu develops new technology to test night vision in early AMD.

    Researcher Prof Bamini Gopinath

    Professor Bamini Gopinath has received Research Grants for AMD research on lifestyle, nutrition and carers.

    James Muecke MDFA ambassador

    MDFA is delighted to officially welcome Dr James Muecke AM on board as our diabetic eye disease Ambassador.

    Erica Fletcher at microscope

    In the lab: Professor Erica Fletcher

    MDFA funding has allowed Professor Erica Fletcher to take strides towards identifying people at risk of age-related macular degeneration. 

    Eye test slider

    Laura Downie Mad-CCAT

    We awarded a research grant to develop an innovative auditing platform called the Macular Degeneration Clinical Care Audit Tool (MaDCCAT) to assess the eye care received by people with AMD.

    Studying biomarkers in the blood

    MDFA funding allowed A/Prof Gerald Liew to study biomarkers in the blood that suggest a defect in mitochondrial function may be linked to AMD.

    COVID-19 update

    With Governments around Australia rolling out vaccines for COVID-19, a frequent question to our National Helpline is about safety of the vaccine when receiving eye injections.

    laboratory work

    Meet a researcher: Prof Steven Krilis

    Prof Steven Krilis received an MDFA Research Grant to examine the critical role that two proteins have in the development of AMD.

    Creating a stem cell bank

    This MDFA-funded project explored the genetic pathways leading to dry AMD, creating a bank of stem cells that researchers across the globe can access.