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    Introducing Eye Connect

    A free support service delivered by the team at MDFA

    Since 2001, MDFA has supported thousands of people each year with information about macular disease.

    But with more than 1.9m people living with some evidence of macular disease we think we have a responsibility to do more. Receiving a macular disease diagnosis can be an anxious, confusing, frustrating and isolating time for patients, and once they leave your practice they need to navigate the condition on their own. This is where a robust, tailored, patient support program like the Eye Connect service comes in.

    Eye Connect is a free service delivered by the team at Macular Disease Foundation Australia to support people to live well with macular disease. The service was developed based on insights from a neovascular AMD pilot program conducted in collaboration with optometry practices, as well as extensive research involving input from patients, caregivers, and ophthalmologists.

    About Eye Connect

    Eye Connect is designed to provide patients with personalised guidance and tailored support based on their disease type, vision status and emotional wellbeing state. This information will be provided over an extended period, enabling them to better understand and manage life with macular disease.

    Eye Connect will provide three main avenues of support through phone, email, and hardcopy (delivery method dependent on preference):

    • Practical Support: nutrition advice, immediate care after appointments, travel assistance
    • Psychosocial Support: managing worries or concerns about diagnosis and treatment, peer-support
    • Disease Information: evidence-based information about macular disease, non-clinical support services

    MDFA’s Eye Connect program will revolutionise patient support for people with macular disease. By offering tailored information, practical and psychosocial support, MDFA empowers individuals to navigate their condition in the best possible way.

    We are publicly launching Eye Connect in May 2024, but are opening registrations to a small group of clinics and practices in October 2023.

    You can easily refer your macular disease patients to MDFA via Oculo or our website e-referral form.

    Posted 21.05.2024

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