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    Blind pensions

    You may be eligible for one of the blind pensions, if you have vision loss from macular disease.

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    What is the ‘blind pension’?

    The blind pension refers to either the Disability Support Pension (Blind) or the Age Pension (Blind).

    If you are under 67 years old, and legally blind, you are eligible for the Disability Support Pension (Blind).

    If you are aged 67 years old or older, and legally blind, you are eligible the Age Pension (Blind).

    Being legally blind doesn’t mean you have total vision loss or ‘black’ blindness.

    You are considered legally blind if you can’t see at six metres with both eyes (wearing your spectacles if required) what someone with normal vision can see at 60 metres, and/or if your vision is less than 20 degrees in diameter in the eye with better vision.

    Both pensions are paid at the same amount with no assets or income tests applied (unless you are also claiming rent assistance).

    If you already receive the full Disability Support Pension or Age Pension, you won’t receive any additional income from the blind pension.

    The rules for pensions are complex, and everyone’s circumstances are different.

    For that reason, we can’t advise whether you qualify, or how much money you’ll receive. You should always seek advice from Centrelink.

    How to apply

    Follow these steps to apply for the Disability Support Pension (Blind) or the Age Pension (Blind):

    • Contact Centrelink to apply for the Disability Support Pension (Blind) or the Age Pension (Blind).
    • Download the Centrelink ‘Request for Ophthalmologist/Optometrist Report’.
    • Make an appointment with your ophthalmologist or optometrist, and complete the ‘Request for Ophthalmologist/Optometrist Report’. Note that an optometrist will still require supporting documents from an ophthalmologist to complete the application process.
    • Submit your completed application with the ‘Request for Ophthalmologist/Optometrist Report’ and any other supporting documentation to Centrelink.
    • You’ll receive a letter from Centrelink once your application has been approved. This can take several weeks but payment is backdated to the date the application was lodged with Centrelink.

    You may also be eligible for other financial supports. Speak to Centrelink to find out more.