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    MDFA partners with TerryWhite Chemmart for national campaign

    Pharmacists have a valuable role to play in early detection and reducing the impact of macular disease in the community, which is why MDFA is partnering with TerryWhite Chemmart to raise awareness in pharmacy about the importance of monitoring for vision changes.

    Despite over 1.9 million Australians having evidence of the disease, an estimated 25% of cases remain undiagnosed.

    To tackle this, MDFA and TerryWhite Chemmart are providing people aged 50+ with a fast, easy way to understand and assess their general risk factors for macular disease.

    As part of the partnership, TerryWhite Chemmart will be prompting customers to learn about their risk of developing AMD and diabetic eye disease, using the MDFA’s Check My Macula online quiz.

    In addition, the public can pick-up a free Amsler grid in store, allowing them to check for any changes to their vision in between eye tests.

    “Our partnership with Macular Disease Foundation Australia has helped us to start conversations with patients and get these important tools into their hands,” said Brenton Hart, Chief Pharmacist at TerryWhite Chemmart.

    Posted 29.11.2023

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