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    Our strategic priorities

    The macular disease community is at the centre of everything we do.

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    Four pillars of work

    Macular Disease Foundation Australia provides leadership in reducing the incidence and impact of macular disease through four key pillars of work. 

    Prevention and early detection – national awareness/engagement campaigns and working in partnership with eye health professionals to promote regular eye screening.

    Supports for living with macular disease – free evidence-based information and resources, National Helpline and other practical service interventions.

    Advocacy – for initiatives that reduce the impact of macular disease and improve the quality of life and independence of our community.

    Research – for a future to prevent and cure macular disease.

    Our Strategic Plan

    Prevention and early detection

    Impact goal

    More people at risk self-identify and take early action to save sight.

    Key focus 2021-24

    Community development: Build better understanding of risk factors, channels to facilitate early detection and MDFA support options.

    Sector development: Build collaborative partnerships to help us reach optimal numbers of people with or at risk of macular disease early.

    Supports for living with macular disease

    Impact goal

    Self-mastery and optimal quality of life for people living with macular conditions.

    Key focus 2021-24

    Deliver value through a personalised journey of support.

    Increase access to the right evidence-based information and resources at the right time.  

    Empower individuals to self-advocate for affordable/accessible treatment.


    Impact goal

    Universal entitlement for treatment, rehabilitation and low vision support.

    Key focus 2021-24

    Improve access to treatment and equitable access to low vision aids nationally.

    The National Strategic Action Plan for Macular Disease remains a government priority and investment in more actions. 

    Influence and collaborate for collective impact.


    Impact goal

    Translation of research to support knowledge base and improved patient outcomes.

    Key focus 2021-24

    Prioritise research investment in dry AMD, patient-oriented technology solutions and enhanced models of care. 

    Measure the social impact of living with macular disease.

    Collaborate to improve collection and analysis of current facts and statistics to evidence the incidence and impact of macular disease. 


    People, capital, technology, quality and compliance are the enablers for MDFA to fulfil our purpose. We rely on funding from our community, government and corporate partners.


    Strong governance is important if we’re to be a representative body that has maximum impact for our community. Our investments and resources must be managed wisely. Our activities should be targeted and strategic. We aim to create a positive workplace culture for our staff and volunteers.

    MDFA is led by a highly experienced Board of Directors and a full-time Chief Executive Officer. We are grateful to the many members of the eye health profession, who provide us with expert medical advice and support. 


    MDFA Annual Report 2020