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    COVID-19 vaccine and eye injections

    Our COVID-19 advice for the macular disease community has been updated.

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    James Muecke MDFA ambassador

    MDFA is delighted to officially welcome Dr James Muecke AM on board as our diabetic eye disease Ambassador.

    COVID-19 update

    With Governments around Australia rolling out vaccines for COVID-19, a frequent question to our National Helpline is about safety of the vaccine when receiving eye injections.

    Lorin Nicholson with his son Tom

    Support life-changing research

    Your donations make MDFA the largest non-government source of macular disease research funding in Australia. Donate to our tax appeal to help support life-changing research.

    Macula Matters

    Macula Matters

    In the May 2021 edition of Macula Matters, MDFA’s email newsletter for eye health professionals, we announce new CPD courses for optometrists.

    Fight Retinal Blindness! Registry

    How Professor Mark Gillies’ ever-expanding digital database helps clinicians across the globe.

    The Best is yet to come

    Case study: A 14-year-old male was referred to CERA with a white-yellow macular lesion and suspicions of an inherited condition.

    Wellbeing and AMD

    MDFA funded researcher Ms Diana Tang is rolling out the Movement, Interaction and Nutrition for Greater Lifestyles in the Elderly – or MINGLE – program.

    Creating the perfect laboratory macula model

    MDFA funded researcher, Dr Anai Gonzalez Cordero is creating an organoid – essentially a mini organ in a dish – with a macular structure.

    Gene therapy and macular degeneration

    Thanks to an MDFA Research Grant, A/Prof Matthew Simunovic is now working on what he describes as “the biological equivalent of the bionic retina”.