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    Raising awareness of macular disease through lived experience.

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    Sharing their experience

    Our Ambassadors play an important role in communicating key eye health messages. We are grateful to our Ambassadors, who use their profile or networks, to promote the work of MDFA.

    In my family, I can see that AMD goes way back, generation after generation. Everyone thought it was just bad luck or a symptom of aging. But now we know. Now we have a name for it and now there are things you can do about it.

    Jean Kittson

    “For 30 years, I’ve been dealing with the consequences that diabetes inflicts on the eyes. In fact, every year I’m seeing more and more patients who are losing vision – even going blind – due to their diabetes. But nearly all of the loss of vision of blindness due to diabetes is preventable or treatable.” 

    James Muecke

    I can only urge everyone to have their macula checked and very importantly, urge our society to make a greater effort to find a cure for this disease.

    Jan Utzon