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    The latest funding round now brings MDFA’s commitment to macular disease research to $5.8 million across 35 projects since 2011.

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    MDFA’s first South Australian Peer Support group to launch in April

    Connecting with other people who are going through similar health experiences can improve how you manage your own condition.

    Social Impact Survey 2: What did your patients tell us?

    Macular Disease Foundation Australia (MDFA) is committed to understanding the impact of macular disease on the lives and health of people who live with the condition. One of the ways we do this is through our Social Impact research.

    Diabetic eye disease: Laying the foundations for new treatments

    Professor Chandra Balaratnasingam’s MDFA-funded research is exploring the cellular changes that occur in diabetic macular ischaemia (DMI) to help develop a breakthrough therapy.

    Improving the diagnosis of macular disease

    Grant Family Fund support is allowing Dr Alexis Ceecee Britten-Jones to research a way to ensure people with rare inherited macular dystrophies receive the right treatment for them in future.

    AI, NASA and dry AMD

    Find out how the Grant Family Fund is helping Dr Xavier Hadoux use cutting-edge technology to detect the early signs of macular disease.

     Could a new supplement help slow AMD?

    A/Prof Gerald Liew’s second MDFA Research Grant is allowing him to investigate a potential sight-saving supplement to improve dysfunctional mitochondria and prevent age-related macular degeneration (AMD). 

    2023 Research Grant Program recipients announced

    MDFA is Australia’s largest source of research funding in the field of macular disease outside of government.

    2023 Research Grant recipient

    Spatial transcriptomics in diabetic macular ischaemia

    2023 Research Grants Program

    MDFA is Australia’s largest source of research funding in the field of macular disease outside of government