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    The carer support team

    Caring for someone with macular disease takes team work.

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    Build a support network

    Caring for someone with vision loss requires a support team that’s centred around the person who requires care, in partnership with the primary carer.

    A support team may consist of:

    • your general practitioner
    • eye health professionals (optometrist, ophthalmologist, orthoptist)
    • rehabilitation professionals (occupational therapists, orientation and mobility instructors)
    • low vision service providers
    • carers associations and support groups
    • community organisations and local councils
    • other family members
    • friends.

    Carer Gateway

    The Carer Gateway is website maintained by the Department of Social Services and is the one stop shop and primary resource for Australian carers.

    The Carer Gateway provides a range of practical supports including confidential phone counselling, information about eligibility for carer payment, concessions or other financial assistance plus a range of valuable resources to help you in your caring role.

    MDFA support

    For specific information about caring for someone with low vision, MDFA’s National Helpline (1800 111 709) is a free service providing information, advice and wellbeing support for people with macular disease, their families and carers.

    National Helpline

    1800 111 709