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    Find out if you can help research into macular disease and its impact.

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    Getting involved in macular disease research

    Volunteer members of the macular disease community play a crucial role in macular disease research.

    Clinical trials for drugs or devices are critical in ensuring new treatments are safe and effective. There are strict rules around clinical trials and they must receive ethics approval. Most people who volunteer have an eye disease or are likely to develop one.

    Other studies focus on the social or economic impacts of macular disease. These research studies may take the form of surveys or interviews. This research may involve people with a macular disease, but also may extend to their families and carers.

    Would you like to be involved?

    There are a number of research centres that regularly recruit patients for clinical trials. Many of these centres allow you to register an interest.

    This is not an exhaustive list of eye research centres. Speak to your ophthalmologist and ask if there are any relevant trials for you. 

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