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    Expert advisors

    Expert advisors oversee every aspect of MDFA's work, and the information we provide to the macular disease community.

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    Macular Disease Foundation Australia works collaboratively with many individuals, who are expert within their fields. Our expert advisors are volunteers, and we’re grateful for their contribution to our work.

    Expert Advisors

    Our Medical Committee, Research Committee, Audit and Risk Committee and Client Services Committee operate under the Board, each with a Chair and consisting of several Board members.

    All committees have terms of reference approved by the Board and meet quarterly.

    Our Consumer Reference Group meets informally on an ad hoc basis and provides MDFA with opinions from members of our community with lived experience of macular disease.

    • Medical Committee

      A/Prof Alex Hunyor (Chair, NSW)
      Dr Amanda Greaves (Qld)
      Dr Alex Harper (Vic)
      Dr David Hilford (Qld)
      A/Prof Anthony Kwan (Qld)
      Dr Tharmalingam Mahendrarajah (NT)
      Prof Paul Mitchell AO (NSW)
      Dr Grant Raymond (SA)
      A/Prof Peter van Wijngaarden (Vic)
      Dr Xia Ni Wu (WA)
      Dr Kathy Chapman (MDFA CEO)

    • Community Reference Group

      Mr John Simpson AM (Independent Facilitator)
      Mr Godwin Abela
      Mr Cameron Algie AM
      Ms Lucy Arundell
      Mr Ashley Chapman
      Mr Adam Cooper
      Ms Fran Cutler OC
      Ms Susan Falon
      Mr Rohan Goyne
      Mrs Val Nicholson
      Ms France Pilavakis
      Mrs Jenny Solomon
      Miss Kristina Ward
      Mr Peter Wilkinson OAM
      Dr Kathy Chapman (MDFA CEO)

    • Research Committee

      A/Prof Anthony Kwan (Chair)
      Prof Fred Chen
      A/Prof Samantha Fraser-Bell
      Ms Emma Cleary
      A/Prof Peter van Wijngaarden
      Dr Kathy Chapman (MDFA CEO)

    • Finance, Audit and Risk Committee

      Mr Neil Wykes OAM (Chair)
      Mr Peter Abrahamson
      Mr Ashley Chapman
      Mr Graham Head AO
      Ms Gillian Shea
      Ms Emma Cleary
      Dr Kathy Chapman (MDFA CEO)

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