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    Macular Disease Foundation Australia can provide expert information and comment on issues relating to macular disease.

    We can facilitate interviews with key influencers and spokespeople across research, advocacy, education, disease prevention and treatment, and low vision.

    Stories and interviews with those living with macular disease can be arranged.

    Media inquiries:

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    General Manager, Marketing & Fundraising
    d: (02) 8268 8401 | m: 0431 159 429
    e: [email protected]

    Media Releases


    Saving sight will save billions of dollars (28 April 2023)

    Ita Buttrose calls on Government to do more (28 April 2023)

    “The cost of my eyes has prohibited us from going on any kind of holiday” (28 April 2023)

    “Rural ophthalmologists are overloaded with patients. We need more specialists out here” (28 April 2023)

     “I’ll work until they put me in a pine box” (28 April 2023)


    The sight of 47,000 older Australians has been saved: Ita Buttrose AC OBE (4 May 2022)

    Rebate cut rejected: “I can now get on with life and not have to worry about the cost of maintaining my eyesight” (3 May 2022)

    Macula Month 2022: Commitment to Save Sight of 47,000 Australians (2 May 2022)


    MDFA warns against deferring essential eye appointments (22 July 2021)

    Macular Disease Foundation Australia awards $1 million to eight exciting research projects (19 May 2021)

    Ita Buttrose Oration: Ita Buttrose warns proposed Medicare cut could blind 47,000 Aussies (5 May 2021)

    Aussies blind to growing threat of eye disease (26 April 2021)


    MDFA backs Royal Commission recommendation on low vision aids, calls for national approach to support all Australians living with vision loss (2 March 2021)

    Survey reveals that 50-year-old Australians are at risk of vision loss and blindness (27 October 2020)

    New TV commercial targeting at-risk community (27 October 2020)

    Stars urge Aussies in their 50s to have an eye exam (25 October 2020)

    Million-dollar funding for macular disease research on World Sight Day (8 October 2020)

    Ita’s plea to older Australians: Don’t let Coronavirus fears steal your vision (7 May 2020)

    Risk of increased blindness in COVID confusion (3 April 2020)


    Macular Disease Foundation Australia awards $600,000 to researchers on World Sight Day (10 October 2019)

    Family connections – are you next in line for AMD? (5 May 2019)

    Jean Kittson’s family link to vision loss (30 April 2019)

    National Strategic Action Plan for Macular Disease (28 March 2019)


    New sight saving resources for Australia’s Residential Aged Care Facilities (25 October 2018)

    PBS listing a “big win” for thousands of macular disease patients: MDFA (24 October 2018)

    2RT LEAD trial: MDFA statement (24 September 2018)