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    2023 Research Grant recipient

    Meet a researcher: Professor Chandrakumar Balaratnasingam

    Spatial transcriptomics in diabetic macular ischaemia

    Diabetic macular ischaemia (DMI) is an important cause of severe vision loss in patients with diabetes. DMI is characterised by loss of blood vessels that are critical for supplying nutrients and removing wastes in the macula. There is currently no treatment for DMI and this is in part due to a limited understanding of the cellular pathways that are activated in DMI. In this proposal we will use human donor tissue from patients with diabetes mellitus to investigate the cellular changes that occur in DMI. The findings of this research are expected to greatly expand our knowledge regarding the cellular pathways involved in DMI and provide insights that will lead to the development of new drugs that target these pathways as a means of treating DMI. This research therefore has great bench-to-bedside translational potential and we hope to improve the quality of life in patients with diabetes by reducing visual morbidity.

    Excellence in Research Award in honour of Richard Grills (AM)

    Composition and functionality of high-density lipoprotein in age-related macular degeneration and a high-risk disease phenotype

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