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    2023 Research Grant Recipient

    Meet a researcher: Clinical Associate Professor Gerald Liew

    Investigating mitochondrial dysfunction in macular degeneration – towards new treatments and biomarkers

    Why some people develop AMD but others do not remains somewhat mysterious. We suspect one cause of AMD might have to do with energy production in the cells of the eye, in particular problems with the mitochondria which are commonly known as the “powerhouse” of the cell. Our investigation aims to see if AMD is the result of dysfunction in the mitochondria. Our study will obtain blood samples from people with and without AMD to compare for biomarkers of mitochondrial function and examine their DNA in both the cells and mitochondria. This may help identify what molecules could be used to improve mitochondrial function, and how we can test to see which people are at high risk of developing AMD.

    2023 Research Grant recipient

    Spatial transcriptomics in diabetic macular ischaemia

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