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    Medicare rebate update

    We're celebrating a huge win for the macular disease community, as the major political parties reject a 69 per cent rebate cut for sight-saving eye injections.

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    “I don’t feel so alone anymore”

    MDFA offers Peer to Peer phone calls as well as peer support groups, both face-to-face and online.

    Forced to hang up her knitting needles

    Sadly, eye injections came too late for Cheryl Chamberlain. But thousands of Australian patients will now be able to stick to this sight-saving treatment after both major political parties rejected a proposed Medicare rebate cut.

    Relief after rebate cut rejected

    Eye injections have saved the sight of thousands of Aussies since this vital treatment arrived here 15 years ago – including Magdalena from the Gold Coast.

    It’s a relief

    Anne and 47,000 other Australians are relieved a proposed Medicare rebate cut for eye injections has been rejected.

    Macula Matters

    Macula Matters

    The Macula Month edition of Macula Matters, MDFA’s newsletter for healthcare professionals.

    Portrait of Ita Buttrose

    The sight of 47,000 older Australians has been saved

    Eye injections saved Uncle Gerald’s sight. Now both major parties’ have rejected a recommended rebate cut, an additional 47,000 older Australians will keep their vision too.

    Rebate cut rejected

    The Government and Opposition reject a cut to the Medicare rebate for sight-saving eye injections, which threatened to blind 47,000 Australians.

    It’s good news for people on a pension

    The rejection of the proposed Medicare rebate cut is good news, “especially for people on a pension”, says Joe from Queensland.

    Proposed Medicare rebate cut rejected

    A win for the macular disease community as major political parties reject a Medicare rebate cut for sight-saving eye injections.