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    Image showing toast with avo and eggs

    Macula Menu featuring our community

    This Macula Menu from 2018 features favourite recipes from well-known people in Australia as well as our MDFA volunteers.

    The Journey to See: A Model for Success

    A report, published in 2018, on Australia’s world leading outcomes for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration.

    Macula Menu: Meat free

    The research shows that a few simple changes in diet and lifestyle can help support

    Image showing three generations of women

    Eye health and aged care: for families

    This pamphlet is designed to help families and guardians of people with vision loss who are living in residential aged care.

    Image of two people dancing hand in hand

    Eye health and aged care: care worker resource

    This pamphlet for care workers is part of a suite of resources designed to improve understanding of eye health in aged care.

    Image showing an older woman smiling at the camera in white shirt

    Eye health and aged care: training video

    A training video for care workers on how to care for aged care residents who are blind or have poor vision.

    Lady sitting on a chair with knitting needles and a red ball of wool

    Eye health and aged care: study report

    This MDFA report found an urgent need for reform of vision care within the residential aged care system.

    Image of a lady with sunglasses and her dog on her lap.

    Eye health and aged care: managers and health professionals

    This pamphlet for managers and health professionals is designed to improve understanding of eye health in aged care.

    Eating for Eye Health cookbook

    A cookbook with recipes created by Ita Buttrose AC OBE and chef Vanessa Jones.

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