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    Visions with low vision: webinar

    Charles Bonnet syndrome is when mentally healthy people with vision loss experience vivid, recurrent visions.

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    In this webinar, hosted by MDFA with Scot Muirden, we talk about Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS).

    After working for nearly a decade in the mental health sector, Scot decided on a new direction. Coming from a family who had experienced vision-impairment, he chose to move into eye health care.

    While working at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear hospital, Scot came across numerous cases of CBS. Until then, Scott had heard little of CBS. Scot was intrigued but realised that coverage of CBS in eye health care was sparse and so, in 2012 Scot founded the Charles Bonnet Syndrome Foundation.

    This webinar will cover the history of Charles Bonnet syndrome, true facts and false information about the syndrome, why it occurs, and how to manage living with CBS.