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    Research News

    The latest funding round now brings MDFA’s commitment to macular disease research to $5.8 million across 35 projects since 2011.

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    laboratory work

    Meet a researcher: Prof Steven Krilis

    Prof Steven Krilis received an MDFA Research Grant to examine the critical role that two proteins have in the development of AMD.

    Creating a stem cell bank

    This MDFA-funded project explored the genetic pathways leading to dry AMD, creating a bank of stem cells that researchers across the globe can access.


    Barriers to effective eye care

    This MDFA-funded study surveyed both patients and practitioners about the enablers and barriers to effective eye care.

    Lorin Nicholson with his son Tom

    Support life-changing research

    Your donations make MDFA the largest non-government source of macular disease research funding in Australia. Donate to our tax appeal to help support life-changing research.

    Fred Chen with a patient

    From the lab to the clinic: A/Prof Fred Chen

    MDFA Research Grant recipient A/Prof Fred Chen is working to find treatments and establish clinical pathways for patients with Stargardt disease.

    In the lab with A/Prof Wilson Heriot

    Is there a link between anti-malarial medication and macular degeneration?

    Prof Robyn Guymer conducting an eye exam

    Prof Robyn Guymer: Describing AMD

    With funding from MDFA’s Research Grants Program, Prof Robyn Guymer developed a new suite of state-of-the-art techniques to better describe early AMD.

    Prof Damien Harkin in the lab

    With an MDFA Research Grant, Professor Damien Harkin undertook a novel research project using a protein extracted from silk as a form of scaffold on which to grow new retinal tissue,

    Fight Retinal Blindness! Registry

    How Professor Mark Gillies’ ever-expanding digital database helps clinicians across the globe.