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    Eye health and aged care: training video

    A training video for care workers on how to care for residents who are blind or have poor vision.

    Image showing an older woman smiling at the camera in white shirt

    Managing eye health and vision loss in RACFs: A training video for care workers

    This video and the associated digital training tools are designed to improve understanding of eye health and vision loss in Australia’s residential aged care facilities (RACFs). 

    A comprehensive study by the Macular Disease Foundation Australia (MDFA), which led to the Vision and Eye Healthcare Study in Residential Aged Care Facilities report, found high rates of eye disease, often under-diagnosed and untreated, in RACFs. 

    Many people living in RACFs have vision problems. Sometimes, these problems have not been diagnosed or treated. Sometimes staff are unaware of the risk factors or that the person with vision problems needs certain types of help.

    Vision loss can have many negative consequences, including an increased risk of falls and hip fractures. It also has a significant impact on independence and quality of life.

    With funding from the Australian Government, MDFA – in collaboration with a team of experts – carried out eye tests on residents across eight RACFs. Our report found an urgent need for reform of vision care within the residential aged care system.

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