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    PIN only credit cards

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    Reassurances from banks

    Since the beginning of the year, the Foundation has been communicating with banks and major financial institutions surrounding the issues of the introduction of PIN-only authorisation credit cards from 1 August 2014. These changes have been introduced to increase security around transactions and will reduce the incidence of fraud.

    The Foundation received a number of calls from members of our community who were frustrated with the lack of information and service provided by banks and financial institutions for people with low vision negotiating these changes. In response, the Foundation conducted a survey to assess the avenues for information and support available to those who required assistance or had genuine need to remain with a signature – approval credit card. This survey found that few major banks and financial institutions had knowledge of, or consideration for, these clients and hence had not established processes to assist them with the transition.

    After a great deal of advocacy to alert various banks and financial institutions to the lack of service delivery, there is now reassurance that those who require a signature option credit card and have a genuine inability to use a PIN will be serviced appropriately.

    If you have a genuine need for a signature approved card due to low vision, and have not been able to get assistance through the appropriate avenues within your bank or financial institution, contact the Foundation on 1800 111 709 and we will endeavour to assist.

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    Posted: 3 September 2014

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