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    PIN-only credit card action

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    MDFA representation to banks

    The Foundation has been strongly representing the interests of those with vision loss to major financial institutions and card schemes on PIN-only authorisation, due to begin on 1 August 2014.

    There now appears to be a more responsive process implemented by banks as a result of our representations for those with vision loss.

    However, if you are having difficulty in dealing with your bank or financial institution in regard to this matter please contact the Foundation on the Helpline 1800 111 709.


    The Foundation has been advocating over the last few months, on behalf of those with vision loss, for their accommodation by major financial institutions and card schemes, of the PIN-only authorisation on 1 August 2014.

    The Foundation undertook a survey of some of the banks and financial institutions to assess the service delivery for anyone enquiring about PIN only authorisation requirement due to vision loss. The survey established there were considerable gaps in service and knowledge delivery on this issue.

    The Foundation conveyed its serious concerns regarding the results of service delivery from this survey to the various banks and financial institutions.

    As a result of this communication the Foundation has been assured that all of the issuers (whether providing a signature-preferred card or not) have committed to re-briefing their front line staff (primarily call centres and branches) to ensuring that enquiries for signature-preferred cards are handled appropriately.

    The Foundation’s CEO Julie Heraghty has also drawn attention to the issue those with a disability may have with PIN-only authorisations recently on ABC Radio.

    Posted: 18 July 2014

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