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    Debunking the myths about Charles Bonnet syndrome

    Charles Bonnet syndrome describes the situation where mentally healthy people who’ve lost their vision experience vivid phantom images. This webinar aims to help remove the stigma around the condition.

    Macular research clinical trials

    The Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA) teamed up with MDFA’s webinar series for the latest research updates on AMD, including how you can take part in vision research.

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    Which foods reduce the risk of AMD?

    Epidemiologist Professor Bamini Gopinath explains how to eat for your eyes to prevent or delay progression of AMD.

    Celebrating good vision

    Regular eye injections allow Jan to keep painting her large oil-on-canvas masterpieces four years after her diagnosis of AMD.

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    Vision Voice summer 2020

    The summer 2020 edition of our Vision Voice newsletter, packed with information for the macular disease community.

    Professor Alex Hunyor

    New roles for MDFA expert advisors

    Associate Professor Alex Hunyor has joined the MDFA Board and Associate Professor Anthony Kwan has become Chair of MDFA’s Research Committee

    Australian of the Year urges Aussies to slash sugar to save their sight

    Dr James Muecke joined MDFA’s webinar series to reveal his plan to combat the leading cause of blindness among working-age Australians.

    Chris Smith urges 50-somethings to catch signs of AMD early

    Broadcaster Chris Smith hardly noticed anything wrong with his vision but was diagnosed with AMD at the age of 52.

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    New TV commercial targeting at-risk community

    Comedians Shane Jacobson and Jean Kittson have voiced a new TV campaign to help stop Aussies in their 50s losing their sight from macular disease.