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    Macula Month 2022

    We kick off Macula Month celebrating a huge win for the macular disease community, as the major political parties reject a 69 per cent rebate cut for sight-saving eye injections.

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    Annual research update

    Macular Disease Research Update: November 2021

    MDFA’s summary of the past 12 months’ research into macular disease.

    Dr Sheela Kumaran

    Research study measuring the impact of AMD on quality of life

    If you have AMD, you could help this MDFA-funded study.

    Dymphna Stella Rees

    Meet the author: Dymphna Stella Rees

    Eye injections have saved Dymphna’s sight, helping her publish ‘A Paper Inheritance’.

    Image of a young Asian man in glasses smiling at the camera

    2021 Research Update: Early-stage treatments

    Many potential drugs enter early-stage development. Only a few treatments will progress to late-stage development. This update details early stage treatments.

    Macula Matters recent updates

    2021 has seen a number of macular disease drug developments. Macula Matters has selected a few of the most relevant.

    Image of a lady with sunglasses and her dog on her lap.

    Potential treatment for atrophic AMD on the horizon

    Results have now been presented at medical conferences in the USA.

    MDFA launches eye health video series

    MDFA has released a new series of educational videos to help Aussies better understand macular disease.

    Image of an older guy holding his glasses and looking at the camera

    Third anti-VEGF agent reimbursed by PBS

    Beovu has become the third anti-VEGF drug to be subsidised by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for the treatment of wet AMD.

    Eye healthy eating selection: salmon, fruits, vegetables

    Nutrition and AMD

    Dr Liubov Robman’s MDFA funded study investigated the role of nutrition in age-related macular degeneration.