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    Partnership to address Diabetic Eye Disease in Indigenous communities

    A successful project to train practitioners to screen for diabetic eye disease in Indigenous communities across Australia has been extended.

    The partnership between Macular Disease Foundation Australia (MDFA) and the Brien Holden Foundation to address the inequities in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health began in February 2022 and was originally slated to last 12 months.

    The Brien Holden Foundation has already delivered hundreds of retinal cameras and slit lamps to clinics across Australia to empower practitioners to screen for diabetic eye disease, which is more prevalent in Indigenous communities.

    Under the project, Aboriginal health workers receive training and extra resources to help them better care for their patients.

    This project was scheduled to end last December but MDFA’s partnership allows the Foundation to continue rolling out the training until the end of this year.

    Training sessions will be delivered to up to 100 primary health care staff in Aboriginal communities around Australia.

    MDFA is grateful for the funding from the Australian Government which has supported the project in line with the National Strategic Action Plan for Macular Disease.

    Posted: 24.02.2023

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