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    MDFA launches eye health video series

    Watch our new bite-sized health videos today.

    New videos answer your questions about your eyes

    Lights, camera, action! Macular Disease Foundation Australia has released a new series of educational videos to help Aussies better understand macular disease.

    Coinciding with the one-year anniversary of the online Check My Macula quiz, our eye health video series has revealed 27 bite-sized videos that answer some of the most common questions people ask about their eye health.

    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the macular disease community told us that they’re looking for short, sharp video content – and we listened.

    Each video is only one or two minutes long, sharing important health advice in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

    Our eye health video series aims to improve your understanding of various macular conditions, possible treatments and preventions, lifestyle changes you can make to protect your sight, and tips to live well with vision loss.

    These are some of the questions that the video series answers:

    You can watch the eye health video series today on YouTube and MDFA’s website

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