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    Working together for better patient outcomes.

    Collaborating with us

    You work hard to provide clinical assessment, care, and referral. Our job is to provide immediate and lifelong information and support to patients, their families, and carers. We’re with you and your patients on every step of their journey with macular disease.

    The eye health video series has been produced to improve patient literacy about macular disease. Subjects covered include general eye health information, AMD, diabetic eye disease, nutrition and lifestyle information for eye health and vision loss.

    We encourage you to share these videos with your patients through all your digital channels. You can view the videos online here. But we’ve also provided YouTube links for each of the videos to facilitate sharing via your social media channels.

    If you have any questions or feedback about the eye health video series, please contact the communications team at MDFA. For information on our healthcare professionals program and how you can engage with MDFA, please contact our Healthcare Relations team.

    To refer patients to use, please use the online form.

    Feature video: Why should you refer your patients to MDFA?

    More in the health professional video series

    • How can you refer your patients to MDFA?

      This video outlines the two simple ways that healthcare professionals can refer their patients to MDFA.

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    • What happens after I refer a patient to MDFA?

      This video explains what a patient receives after their healthcare professional has referred them to us.

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    • Why should I refer to MDFA if I am also referring to an ophthalmologist?

      While ophthalmologists provide your patients clinical care, MDFA delivers non-clinical support.

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    • How does referring to MDFA benefit your practice?

      MDFA can help healthcare professionals build better patient outcomes, as well as build their practice.

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    • What CPD does MDFA offer health professionals?

      MDFA offers quality, accredited continuing professional development for healthcare professionals.

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    • Does MDFA offer peer support?

      For patients diagnosed with a macular disease, or experiencing vision loss, peer support may help.

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    The eye health video series for your patients

    Explore some of our eye health video series below.

    Feature video: What is AMD?

    More in the eye health video series

    • Videos on AMD and eye health

      This video series seeks to answer some of the most common questions about age-related macular degeneration and eye health.

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    • Videos on diabetic eye disease and eye health

      This video series addresses questions for anyone with diabetes who is at risk of diabetic eye disease.

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    • Videos on nutrition and eye health

      This video series investigates some of the diet and lifestyle changes that can optimise eye health.

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    • Videos on vision loss and eye health

      Being diagnosed with a macular disease or losing vision can be confronting. This video series explores some important issues to help patients live well with vision loss.

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    Sharing the video series with your patients

    We encourage you to share short videos with your patients through your digital channels. You will find inbuilt share options on each of the video series menu pages. For your convenience, we have also created a series of playlists on YouTube. YouTube has a number of share options built into the platform. This will enable you to embed the videos or distribute via social media channels.