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    A research update on nutrition and AMD: webinar

    A webinar hosted by MDFA Grant Recipient, Diana Tang, on eating for eye health and research into nutrition and age-related macular degeneration.

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    Vision Voice: summer 2021

    The summer 2021 edition of MDFA’s Vision Voice newsletter is out now!

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    Impact Report 2018-2021

    Reflecting on the impact MDFA has made over the last three years.

    Vision Voice audio: summer 2021

    Listen to MDFA’s summer 2021 Vision Voice online, or order the CD.

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    Optimising vision in diabetes: webinar

    A webinar on diagnosing and treatment diabetic eye disease as well as the relationship between diabetes and cataracts.

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    What are the risk factors for diabetic eye disease?

    MDFA discusses the risk factors of diabetic eye disease in this short video.

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    What happens when they give me eye injections?

    This short video outlines the process of visiting the ophthalmologist for treatment.

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    Can I take supplements for AMD?

    In this short video, we discuss how supplements might help you, depending on your diagnosis.

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    What’s the difference between low vision, vision loss and legal blindness?

    MDFA explains how vision loss, low vision and legal blindness are different concepts in this short video.

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