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    Cover of publication Eye Injection Costs and Rebates, showing man reading a book with a vision aid.

    Eye injection costs and rebates

    This fact sheet provides general advice on the costs involved and available rebates for macular disease treatment.

    Ask a retinal researcher

    This webinar, part of the Macular Disease Foundation Australia’s community education series, was a question and answer session with retinal researcher Dr Lisa Nivison-Smith.

    Understanding vision loss

    A resource booklet to help you understand vision loss and its impact.

    Image showing an older woman smiling at the camera in white shirt

    Low vision pin badge

    A low vision badge for you to wear in the community. This badge is attached by a pin.

    Image of a lady with sunglasses and her dog on her lap.

    Low vision magnet badge

    A badge for those with low vision. This is the magnet version.

    Image of a senior man reading a newspaper with a magnifier

    What to ask your eye health professional: Being treated for Diabetic Eye Disease

    A fact sheet on suggested questions to ask your eye health professional if you’re being treated for diabetic eye disease.

    Senior woman knitting

    What to ask your eye health professional: diagnosed with Diabetic Eye Disease

    A factsheet with suggested questions to ask your eye health professional if you have been diagnosed with diabetic eye disease.

    Image of senior man with a pair of sunglasses and a golf stick

    Understanding My Aged Care

    A fact sheet to help you navigate My Aged Care services.

    Man in a white shirt against a red background

    What is the difference between optometrists, ophthalmologists, and orthoptists?

    A fact sheet on the difference between optometrist, ophthalmologists and orthoptists.

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