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    Vision Voice audio: Autumn 2023

    Listen to our autumn 2023 Vision Voice online or order the CD.

    Welcome to our first Vision Voice for 2023. This is the audio version of our Vision Voice Autumn 2023 newsletter, which is out now!

    If you would prefer the print version, it is also online and available for order.

    In this edition, we will share with you the next stage of MDFA’s advocacy program, including the launch of a new economic modelling report, Investing to Save Sight, which will launch in May as part of the Macula Month awareness campaign. 

    MDFA commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to model the economic benefits to government and individuals if we ‘turn up the dial’ towards increased treatment persistence with intravitreal eye injections. The new report shows that saving the vision of thousands of people who would normally stop their treatment can save billions of dollars for government and individuals.

    This edition of Vision Voice will keep you up to date on our latest research updates, a profile on a Paralympian blind surfer who took on the biggest waves in the world, and if you would like to stretch yourself, we feature the founder of yoga created especially for the blind.For those living with a macular condition, we invite you to take part in our research study if you haven’t already participated. You may have already received a postcard or email to participate. If you have been diagnosed with a macular condition and would like to be involved, please click here.

    An audio version of this newsletter is also available. You can listen online or ask us to send you a free CD.