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    Annual Research Update 2018

    Reviewing the latest research into macular disease.

    Macular Disease Foundation Australia’s Annual Research Update reports on the most promising macular disease research from around the world.

    The Research Update explains the research process, and provides highlights on research for potential new treatments for macular disease. It looks at research associated with surgery, drugs, stem cell treatment and gene therapy.

    The 2018 edition leads with news from an Australian study into the role of flavonoids and vegetable nitrates in protecting against age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Flavonoids are a particular antioxidant that is found in oranges. The study found that people who eat oranges daily have a 61 per cent reduced risk of developing AMD than people who don’t.

    Another study out of the same research institute found that eating 100-142mg of vegetable nitrates found in leafy green vegetables could help reduce the risk of developing early AMD by 35 per cent.

    The Annual Research Update is included in each Summer edition of our free community newsletter, Vision Voice.