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    Prof Alex Brown, the DREAM Project.

    The DREAM Project

    Professor Alex Brown’s DREAM Project is one of the successful recipients of the 2019 MDFA Research Grant Program. He’s with the Aboriginal Health Equity Theme, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute.

    Professor Brown’s project is called Defining the Risk and Epidemiology of Aboriginal Australian Macular Disease, hence its name: The DREAM project.

    Diabetes can damage the small blood vessels of the eye. This can leakage of fluid at the macula, that part of the eye responsible for detailed central vision.

    Aboriginal Australians experience much high rates of this macula leaking than non-Aboriginal people. Diabetes-related vision loss is estimated to be approximately five times higher among Indigenous Australian people compared with other Australians. 

    Professor Brown’s study aims to try to find out why.

    The study has been allocated $234,000 from the MDFA’s Research Grants Program over three years. 

    Professor Brown’s study will look at all aspects of health and diabetes. This includes social, clinical, and medical aspects. The project will also follow people with diabetes for four-to-five years. They hope to be able to predict who will go on to suffer from blindness from diabetic eye disease. Ultimately, these findings of new factors and their ability to tell us who will do well (or poorly) will be important to initiate steps to reduce the human and societal costs of blindness.

    Posted: 10 October 2019

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