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    Foundation audits largest private health funds

    Since 2010, Macular Disease Foundation Australia has been advocating to major private health funds for the provision of fair and adequate subsidies for low vision aids and technology. Once again the Foundation has audited the six largest private health funds, which make up 86% of the private health insurance market, to ascertain if there has been any change in the provision of benefits. The Foundation also reviewed if benefits were clearly communicated to consumers in health fund publications and on their websites.
    What did the audit show?

    • Benefits provided: Bupa, nib, HCF and Australian Unity presently offer low vision aid benefits.
    • No benefit provided: HBF and Medibank Private presently do not offer low vision aid benefits.

    What is the Foundation doing on your behalf?

    • Health funds that do not provide benefits: Communicating with health funds to encourage inclusion of low vision aid benefits (HBF and Medibank Private).
    • Health funds that provide benefits:
    • Assessing the benefits and keeping an open dialogue with health funds in regards to the level of benefits offered for low vision aids.
    • Providing information in relation to the benefits currently available for low vision aids (Bupa, nib, HCF and Australian Unity).
    • Listing of information: Communicating with the four health funds which offer low vision aid benefits, to clearly provide specific information on these benefits in their publications and on their websites.

    Low vision aid benefits by major private health funds

    The following summary tables provide information on the low vision aid benefits offered by Bupa, nib, HCF and Australian Unity. All efforts have been made by the Foundation to verify the accuracy of the information.

    Please note – The following tables only contain current health insurance products. If you hold an older health insurance product, you may still be eligible for low vision aid benefits. In all cases, please contact your health fund for further information relating to benefits on low vision aids.

    Posted: 11 December 2014

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