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    Digital diabetic eye disease education

    MDFA teams up with Healthily to deliver education via GPs

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    Under the Consumer Awareness and Education – Population Groups at Risk grant, MDFA has partnered with health technology company, Healthily, to distribute patient education on diabetic eye disease and the importance of routine eye exams.

    With up to 50% of diabetes patients not having routine eye exams, there is an increased risk of preventable vision loss from diabetic eye disease.

    Many GP practices in Australia already use software developed by Healthily to distribute digital education to their patients, which is tailored to their risk profile.

    MDFA has developed a simple tool kit on understanding diabetic eye disease for patients who are identified by their GP as having diabetes.

    The patient receives an SMS from their GP with a link to access a short video on diabetic eye disease as well as directions to order a free information kit. The kit includes a fact sheet, recipe cards and an Amsler grid to self-monitor central vision changes.

    The campaign has had great success so far, reaching over 13,000 patients across the country and receiving a 95% positive rating from patients. A further 50 practices are still being onboarded to distribute their own SMS in the near future.

    At the conclusion of the campaign, practices will be offered access to a free CPD training for GPs on diabetic eye disease, newly developed by MDFA, so that practitioners can support their patients with any follow-up questions.

    Diabetic eye disease is the leading cause of preventable blindness in working-aged Australians. MDFA is committed to improving the outcomes of at-risk populations through early detection, awareness and education.

    We are working on another campaign for the later half of the year on age-related macular degeneration, for at risk groups over the age of 50.

    Posted: 4 July 2022

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