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    Workplace giving

    You can make regular donations from your pre-tax pay.

    What is workplace giving?

    Workplace giving (WPG) is where you give a regular donation from your pre-tax pay, managed through payroll. Provided you are employed, and your employer offers workplace giving, you can choose your preferred amount you wish to donate. Your employer will then pay the donation directly to MDFA each pay day. 

    Many companies have a WPG scheme in place. Some employers incentivise this by offering to match or top up the donations you make. Companies will either manage their WPG in-house or through a provider.

    Please check with your human resources (HR) department whether they use a provider, or manage WPG in-house.

    If your company uses a workplace giving provider

    MDFA is already registered with Good2Give. If your company uses this provider, you will be able to support the work of MDFA through your company’s existing platform. If your company uses a different provider, please contact us. We can then investigate setting up the MDFA with your company’s provider.

    If your company manages workplace giving in-house

    Please put the relevant member of your HR department in touch with us, and we will then work together to get you set up and donating to MDFA.

    If there no scheme in place

    Please let your HR department know that you would like to support MDFA in this way. We can offer step-by-step support to HR and finance departments to set up WPG donations on a case-by-case basis. To access this support, please contact us on the National Helpline or via email.

    National Helpline

    1800 111 709

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