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    Macula Month 2023

    Our annual awareness campaign, Macula Month runs from 1-31 May 2023.

    May is Macula Month

    When: 1-31 May 2023

    Where: Nationwide

    This year, Macular Disease Foundation Australia (MDFA) will launch a new economic modelling report, Investing to Save Sight: Health and Economic Benefits of Improving Macular Disease Treatment Persistence. This report shows that an investment to save the sight of thousands of vulnerable older Australians will save the Government up two billion dollars – and it has the Australian public’s support. 

    MDFA’s latest economic modelling identifies cost and access as the main reasons why people with neovascular AMD stop treatment. This includes the challenges in accessing affordable or bulk-billed treatment for low-income earners and pensioners, and treatment for those living in rural and remote Australia. 

    The Investing to Save Sight report shows that by increasing treatment persistence by 25%, the sight of an additional 22,000 vulnerable Australians will be saved, and up to two billion dollars added to the Government’s bottom line. 

    MDFA is recommending three key areas for government to consider investment to increase treatment persistence by up to 25%. This includes better affordability of treatment, easier accessibility to receive treatment, particularly for rural and remote Australians, and education and support programs to help people understand the importance of staying on treatment.

    Our community shares the human side of receiving sight-saving injections. 

    Our newly launched Investing to Save Sight report will provide facts, statistics and the economics around saving sight in Australia, but what are the realities for someone living with macular disease who requires injections to keep their vision?

    Throughout Macula Month, we’ll be sharing the stories of passionate patients who will tell us what it is really like to stay on treatment. These generous people will share some of the hardships they face to stay on treatment and what it means to keep their vision. 

    How’s your macula?

    The focus of Macula Month is always raising awareness of macular disease. The most common macular diseases are age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic eye disease, including diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular oedema.

    Our Check My Macula quiz remains a useful tool to raise awareness of AMD and diabetic eye disease in the ‘at risk’ community. We encourage you to share the quiz with your family and friends.

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    Join one of our free webinars. And keep and eye on our social media channels throughout the month of May as our Macula Month campaign rolls out nationally.

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    For health professionals

    We encourage health professionals to get involved in the Macula Month campaign. We have a digital toolkit to help you spread the Macula Month messages to your patients. 

    Free resources

    We have a range of free resources – for members of our community and for health professionals. All MDFA information publications are free.

    Support and advice

    We’re here to help you navigate your journey with macular disease. Our National Helpline offers free information, advice and support to people living with or at risk of macular disease, their families and carers.

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