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    Understanding and living optimally with vision loss – for those living with vision loss, their families and friends

    A webinar on how to live optimally with vision loss

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    In this webinar, Cameron Algie will discuss important takeaway points from his recently released book, I Can See Clearly Now. As someone who has lived with low vision for many years, Cameron shares his advice as to how he lives his best possible life with vision loss. This presentation will cover the personal, social, and societal impacts of vision loss, whilst also providing practical advice on living an independent and full life. 

    When: Wednesday, June 1

    Time: 2-3 pm AEST

    Where: online

    About the presenter

    Cameron was born and raised in West Gippsland, Victoria Australia and followed the family tradition and became a farmer.

    However,  in the summer of 1968–69, Cameron was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), with a prognosis leading to inevitable blindness.

    Recognising he could not continue as a farmer, Cameron studied Law at Monash University. Cameron became CEO of an industry body and later worked in a legal practice until his sight deteriorated further.

    During this period, Cameron worked with his wife to establish a Society for RP research. In recognition of this and his commercial work, he was made a Member in the Order of Australia in 1993.

    Recognising his long battle with failing sight, Cameron worked for 15 years with Vision Australia where his life experiences and those of clients now form the basis of his book, titled “I Can See Clearly Now”.