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    Q&A: Ask a patient and an optometrist

    Everything you wanted to know about diagnosing macular conditions and what to expect when receiving sight saving treatment.

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    In this webinar you will hear from Val Nicholson, an MDFA volunteer and AMD patient, and optometrist Victoria Heaton.

    Val will be answering your questions about how she lives well with vision loss, her experience with receiving intravitreal injections and tips and tricks that keep her safe around the house.

    Victoria will be discussing how your optometrist can be an integral part of your eye care journey and will answer your frequently asked questions.

    When: Tuesday, May 24

    Time: 2-3 pm AEST

    Where: online

    About the presenter

    Val Nicholson

    Val Nicholson is an MDFA volunteer and has a personal experience with age-related macular degeneration.

    Val’s macular degeneration journey began in October 2009. She noticed changes to her vision and was later seen by an ophthalmologist. Val was diagnosed with wet age-related macular degeneration in both eyes. She has been receiving intravitreal injections every 28 days, with both eyes treated on the same day. After more than 12 years of regular injections, Val can still read books, newspapers and her electronic devices.

    In early 2010 Val signed up to volunteer at MDFA and has been a volunteer ever since. Val receives a great deal of satisfaction from her work and has made many enduring friendships with her fellow volunteers. Val especially enjoys taking part in the Peer to Peer Support Programs where she assists and supports others who have been diagnosed with AMD.

    Victoria Heaton

    Victoria is a Research Assistant at the Macular Disease Foundation Australia and a practicing optometrist. Victoria graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Optometry and has worked across various primary eye care environments over the last twenty years. She has a special interest in advocacy and eye care delivery for senior Australians.