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    Diabetic eye disease resources

    Working collaboratively with health professionals to improve health literacy around diabetic eye disease.

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    Patient resources for healthcare professionals

    Thank you for completing MDFA’s diabetic eye disease CPD course.

    If you’re looking for resources for your patients that are at risk of, or have been diagnosed with, diabetic eye disease, then you can order these free resources for your practice here.

    If you’re looking for our full range of resources, please visit our Resources page.

    Amsler grid

    An Amsler grid is an important resource to help your patients monitor their vision at home.

    Diabetic eye disease flyer

    This flyer gives your patients a simple to understand summary of diabetic eye diseases.

    Reducing the risk of diabetic eye disease

    This free fact sheet outlines risk factors, ways to prevent diabetic retinopathy and what to watch out for.

    Living well with diabetic eye disease

    A fact sheet on living well with diabetic retinpathy and diabetic macular oedema.