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    Webinar: Inherited Retinal Diseases – an update for Optometrists

    Presented by ophthalmologist and clinician-scientist Professor Alex Hewitt.

    Older woman having an eye exam with an optometrist. Regular eye exams help detect macular diseases included age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy

    This Macular Disease Foundation Australia webinar will feature ophthalmologist and clinician-scientist Professor Alex Hewitt.

    Learning Outcomes:

    1. Outline the key tests used for diagnosis and monitoring of IRDs

    2. Describe the multidisciplinary approach to IRD patient management

    3. Describe the current and emerging treatments for IRDs

    Accredited by Optometry Australia for 1 Institute of Excellence Quality Assured CPD hour

    About the presenter

    Professor Alex Hewitt.

    Professor Hewitt’s ophthalmology clinics at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital and Royal Children’s Hospital specialise in inherited eye diseases. He is also a research scientist at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research and leads Clinical Genetics research at CERA.