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    Seeing faces and vision loss: webinar

    It can be difficult to recognise people with central vision loss.

    Image of a lady with sunglasses and her dog on her lap.

    In this webinar, hosted by Macular Disease Foundation Australia, Dr Jo Lane, looks at how seeing faces may change if you have age-related macular degeneration (AMD). This in turn has an impact on social interactions and quality of life.

    During the webinar, Dr Lane will explain some of the resources she has developed, as part of her research on face perception and AMD.

    She provides some helpful tips for people living with AMD who have difficulty seeing faces, plus tips for family, friends and carers to improve social interactions and quality of life.

    Dr Lane is a research fellow and clinical psychologist at the Research School of Population Health, at the Australian National University. She was awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) in 2018 from the Australian National University. Her PhD research focused on improving face perception, social interactions and quality of life in people living with AMD.