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    Myopic macular degeneration fact sheet

    This fact sheet provides an outline of myopic macular degeneration and how it is managed.

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    Myopic macular degeneration (also known as MMD) can occur if you’re very short-sighted due to elongation of the eyeball. The stretching of the retina due to the elongation of the eye can result in tears in the macula area. It can also cause bleeding beneath the retina.

    Myopia is often also referred to as short-sightedness. High myopia is usually over -6.00 dioptres.

    People with high myopia are at risk of pathological myopia. That’s where permanent degenerative changes can occur to the retina, due to elongation of the eye. Any of these degenerative changes can include the macula. Where they do, it’s called myopic macular degeneration.

    These degenerative changes can include retinal atrophy, lacquer cracks, choroidal neovascularisation and retinal detachment.

    This fact sheet provides an outline of MMD and how it is managed. The fact sheet is available to download or view online. You can also order a free printed copy to be sent to you.