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    Eye injection costs and rebates

    Explaining the costs of macular disease treatment, and the rebates available.

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    Cover of publication Eye Injection Costs and Rebates, showing man reading a book with a vision aid.

    There are significant, ongoing costs associated with sight-saving eye injections. This fact sheet provides general advice on the costs involved in treatment. It also explains the various rebates that are available.

    Eye injections are also called intravitreal injections (IVI). They’re used in the management of wet (neovascular) age-related macular degenerationdiabetic retinopathy and similar conditions.

    Ophthalmologists set their own fees. So that means we can provide only general advice and information on fees and rebates. 

    This publication is updated regularly, as rebates are reviewed.

    This fact sheet is available to view online and download. We can also send you a free hard copy by post.