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    Eating for your eye health: webinar

    A webinar on the foods to eat to improve eye health

    Image of a senior man eating a bowl of salad

    In this webinar, hosted by MDFA with Julie Glyde and Dilini Manthilaka, we look at eating to improve eye health and how foods can reduce your risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Julie and Dilini also chat about supplements to take to reduce your risk of AMD and Julie talks about how you can incorporate these foods into your diet. Finally, we answer some questions from the MDFA community.

    Julie Glyde is one of a team of specialist aged care dietitians working at Leading Nutrition. Leading Nutrition are leaders in aged care dietetic services with dietitians working in each state in Australia. Julie is passionate about improving the health and quality of life of the clients in her care, as well as sharing her love of healthy and nutritious food as part of healthy aging.

    Dilini Manthilaka graduated with her Bachelor in Science majoring in Vision Science in 2015 from the University of New South Wales. She then graduated with a Master of Public Health from the University of Sydney in 2017. She now works at MDFA s an education officer, providing all the non-clinical support that a patient, family member or carer might require. Dilini also has previous experience working with volunteers at the Cancer Council NSW offering training and support.