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    Ask a retinal researcher: webinar

    A Q&A session with Dr Lisa Nivision-Smith

    This webinar, part of the Macular Disease Foundation Australia’s community education series, was a question and answer session with retinal researcher Dr Lisa Nivison-Smith.

    Dr Nivision-Smith is a NHMRC Research fellow and Scientia Lecturer from the Centre for Eye Health and the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

    Her research specialises in vision science and age-related macular degeneration. She specifically looks at how to use advanced eye imaging technologies to better understand the early stages of AMD with the ultimate goal of helping develop management strategies that can be better tailored for individuals at greatest risk of vision loss from AMD.

    Dr Nivision-Smith also collaborates with the UNSW Bionics group developing the next generation bionic eye implant. Dr Nivision-Smith’s research has been supported by over $1M in funding from the NHMRC, Rebecca Cooper Foundation and UNSW Scientia program and she has 43 published papers. Dr Nivision-Smith is also a passionate science communicator and Women in Science advocate as part of the UNSW Women Science Champions.