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    Saffron and age-related macular degeneration

    Saffron as a preventative treatment not endorsed by MDFA.


    No robust evidence on use of saffron to prevent eye disease

    There is presently no robust evidence that saffron has any effect on the prevention or progression of macular degeneration or any other eye disease.

    Neither the Macular Disease Foundation Australia nor the Save Sight Institute presently support or endorse the use of saffron to treat macular degeneration or any other eye disease.

    There has been a recent media report regarding the use of saffron to prevent and treat macular degeneration.

    The Save Sight Institute in Sydney is currently conducting a large study to determine whether saffron may have a role in the future.

    There is some preliminary data in a small number of patients suggesting that saffron has an effect on electrical function in the macula of people with macular degeneration. It is not currently clear whether this effect will have any influence on the development or progression of the disease.

    It should also be noted that saffron contains carotenoids which are contraindicated in certain retinal conditions including Stargardt disease and fundus flavimaculatus. The Foundation encourages patients to discuss any aspect of their care and treatment with their ophthalmologist.

    Posted: 29 July 2013

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