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    NDIS independent review

    An update on our NDIS campaign.

    Concerns about equity of NDIS

    In October 2015, Macular Disease Foundation Australia responded to the Independent Review of the NDIS Act.

    Two of the key concerns expressed in the Foundation’s submission were the unfair age discrimination of the NDIS, where those who acquire disability at the age of 65 or over are automatically excluded from becoming participants of the NDIS, and that the NDIS Act was unjustifiably exempted from the Age Discrimination Act. The Foundation called for the age requirement to be removed and to allow the NDIS to be scrutinised under the Age Discrimination Act.

    The Independent Review acknowledged the issue of age discrimination, referring to the Foundation’s feedback that the NDIS Act was discriminatory and not compatible with Australia’s obligations under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

    The Independent Review did not make any recommendations on this issue, other than noting it for the broader consideration of government.

    The Foundation continues to advocate for those with vision loss or blindness aged 65 or over to receive equitable disability support services as participants in the NDIS.

    Download the Foundation’s submission.

    The report by the Independent Review, developed by Ernst and Young, is available on the Australian Government’s website.

    Posted: 15 October 2015

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