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    Awareness campaign kicks off

    Hard-hitting television commercial to raise awareness of macular degeneration.

    Image showing a mom and her daugher looking each other in the eyes

    How’s your macula?

    We are on air again! The Macular Degeneration Foundation continues to lead the world in raising awareness of macular degeneration by launching another TV and Radio Campaign, airing over October, November and December 2011.

    The TV advert will continue to use the powerful “How’s Your Macula?” message and includes a compelling call to action to have your eyes tested and macula checked.

    Don’t wait, act now, early detection is vital…. is the strong call to action of the radio advert and again reinforces the key campaign message of “have your eyes tested NOW”!

    This TV & Radio campaign is proudly supported by Novartis.

    Posted: 12 October 2011

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