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Research overview

Researchers across Australia and the world are striving to find new ways to detect, treat and cure macular diseases.

Macular Disease Foundation Australia is the largest non-government source of research funds for macular disease in Australia. Our commitment to research recognises its importance to our core purpose, that is, reducing the impact and incidence of macular disease. This is possible only with the support of generous donors.

MDFA also recognises the keen interest in research shown by the macular disease community. In this section you’ll find updates on the latest research developments. There is also information on our Research Grants Program.

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Understanding research

Learn about the stages of macular disease research, and how you can participate.

Participate in research

Volunteer members of the macular disease community play a crucial role in macular disease research.

Research News

Latest developments in macular disease research from Australia and across the globe.

MDFA-funded research

Latest news from the MDFA’s Research Grants Program, the Grant Family Fund and MDFA-sponsored research projects.

Key research publications

The MDFA also contributes to research as an organisation or in collaboration with others.

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