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Webinar: Innovations in eye care

This webinar touches upon recent innovations in eye care.

Dr Devinder Chauhan discusses his role in founding Macuject, a purpose-driven startup. The Macuject team have developed an artificial intelligence computer vision model for OCT analysis that assists in the management of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Macuject is clinical decision support software for the ongoing long-term care of patients. It addresses workflow inefficiencies and skills shortages, aiming to optimise visual outcomes for patients worldwide.

Professor Algis Vingrys will discuss his work in developing and marketing a novel and unique vision test on both an iPad tablet and browser platform called the Melbourne Rapid Fields (MRF). Both applications are amenable to telemedicine settings by self-testing vision and visual fields distant to a clinic or hospital. These can be used to triage acute presentations of vision loss at distance and in remote monitoring of patients who have chronic eye or brain disease. With audio instructions available in 11 languages, MRF can reach a diverse group of clinical cases.

About the presenters

Dr Devinder Chauhan
Founder @Macujet

Dr Devinder Chauhan is a Melbourne retinal specialist who has a passion for maximising patients’ access to sight saving intravitreal therapy. He set up Victoria’s first zero out-of-pocket injection clinic in a private setting at Vision Eye Institute Boronia, where about five per cent of Victoria’s injections are now performed. In founding Macuject, a purpose-driven startup, this passion is now extending globally. After receiving funding from the Medical Research Futures Fund’s BioMedtechHorizons2 grant, he has built a team that is united in tackling under treatment of preventable blindness in an unprecedented way.

Professor Algis J Vingrys
Partner @Glance Optical P/L

Professor Algis J Vingrys, PhD, BSc (Optom), PGCertOcTher, FARVO, FAAO. Algis retired from the University of Melbourne in Dec 2020 after 32 years of teaching and research. At present he retains the honorary appointment of Professorial Fellow in the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences at the University of Melbourne. He has taught ocular pharmacology, visual neuroscience and eye disease, especially in, glaucoma, diabetes, age-related maculopathy and neural disease. He has been a lecturer in ocular therapeutics since 2000. Algis has been a principal investigator in nine clinical trials and published over 200 publications including: 15 invited reviews, 24 book chapters and 16 reports to government or industry including National Health & Medical Research Council (Aust) and World Glaucoma Association.