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Support services overview

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Macular Disease Foundation Australia’s supports and services aim to ensure Australians living with a macular condition can be equipped to adjust to changes in vision and live an optimal quality of life.

Our ‘support for life’ services aim to provide people living with macular disease, as well as their families and carers, access to expert information and guidance throughout their journey.

Every year, we support thousands of telecoaching calls. We also deliver education sessions, as either seminars and online webinars, available free to thousands more across Australia.

The information and resources produced by MDFA are overseen and approved by our Medical Committee – comprising Australia’s leading experts in ophthalmology and eye health. This information is available in multiple languages.

Importantly, all MDFA services are free.

National Helpline

1800 111 709

Understanding government services

Navigating government services available to you can be confusing. We have free information to help you get underway with NDIS and My Aged Care.

Understanding low vision services

Living with vision loss can be challenging and no one’s experience is the same. There are low vision rehabilitation and support services that can help you.

Understanding the eye health profession

Optometrists, ophthalmologists and orthoptists… what’s the difference? Who do you need to consult about your eye health?