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    Slips, trips a fall: a guide

    An easy-to-read guide on avoiding slips, trips and falls for people with vision loss including simple changes to consider in your home and community.

    Image of a lady with sunglasses and her dog on her lap.
    Cover of the Slips, Trips and Falls guide.

    Slips, trips and falls are often the cause of injury-related hospital admissions in people over 65 and having low vision can increase your risk.

    Being aware of these reasons can help you reduce the risk of a fall resulting in a painful sprain, strain, broken bones, cuts and other injuries.

    This guide by MDFA gives you info on how people with low vision can avoid slips, trips and falls by making adjustments in and around the home and in the community.

    The guide can be viewed, downloaded or ordered free from MDFA.